Thursday, 17 November 2016

E-Commerce Application Development - Popular Business Trends in India

The Asia-Pacific region is currently the largest E-Commerce market in the world. According to trade sources, over 50 million people in India utilized online shopping services in 2015. The number is expected to grow three-fold and may cross 175 million by 2020. E-commerce industry has been making significant contributions to Indian economy.

 E-Commerce Web Development India

To tap the immense potential and to win market share, e-commerce companies should develop applications that meet the burgeoning demand of the industry and it is the need of the hour. Here are few popular business trends which e-commerce companies in India should be aware of while developing e-commerce application:

1. Mobile App vs Mobile Website
Mobile transaction has become the latest buzz in the industry owing to two reasons; one is huge increase in the number of smart phone users and internet penetration. Secondly, the growing acceptance for mobile wallets and payment options such as credit/debit card. Today mobile transaction has become integral part of the consumer’s life. Consumers are using mobile not only for searching products but also to buy them. According to trade sources, 50 per cent of e-commerce product purchases came from mobile in 2015.
Consumers nowadays are not storing too many applications owing to space constraints in mobiles. Install and uninstall app culture has given fresh impetus for mobile based websites. For instance, Myntra, a leading e-commerce retailer of fashion and lifestyle products, revoked its earlier concept- shopping via mobile app only and launched mobile website.

2. Online Presence Crucial
Most of the consumers do spend their substantial time online. So when they plan to buy a product/brand, they will visit online space (top pages in search engine, social media pages, brand’s website/app, advertisement etc) for product discovery and pre-purchase research. Therefore strong presence in online space is imperative.
3. Unlock New Market
The competition will become fierce as search engines and micro blogging sites are planning to expand their list of services and to sell products/brand directly through search results and tweets.
4. Women Will Lead
Women customers will play a crucial role in Indian e-commerce industry in the coming years. According to trade sources, 20 per cent of all online shoppers in 2015 were women, it may touch 42 per cent by 2020.  
Reaching out to the right audience will help e-commerce companies to prioritize their strategies. In addition to this it will play a vital role in the growth of e-commerce companies.
5. Explore new vistas
E-Commerce being a vast ocean companies can foray into untapped sectors to enhance customers’ shopping experience. It will help to establish their brand as well as to cement their uniqueness in e-commerce market. For instance sale of automobiles; Paytm has been selling Mahindra two wheelers.
A know-how on popular business trends will help e-commerce companies in India to develop integrated marketing strategies to reach out to their consumers and scale up business effectively. For instance, using innovative mobile marketing techniques, e-commerce web development services can attract their major consumers (male) to their platform for product search and can convert them into business.

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Sunday, 6 November 2016

Web Development Company – Things you should know before choosing

Website is considered as one of the key marketing tools to build a positive vibe about the company as well as to market the products among consumers and stakeholders effectively. High penetration of internet and smartphones has been revolutionizing marketing techniques day-by-day through constant innovations. Even though the usage of social media and mobile applications, the latest trend in the market, are growing rapidly, website still holds top position in marketing/promotion strategies.

Envisaging a professional web development company for developing foolproof website is ideal as, in future, it will be positioned as the face of a brand/company/individual. But finding the right partner is a herculean task as web development companies are mushrooming in every nook and corner of the globe. Often price takes a front seat and critical factors get overlooked while finalizing web development companies.

 Web development company India

Realize that choosing a web development company is a crucial decision as you are entrusting your valuable business and trust. Often clients do forget to examine the credibility of web development companies. To win a project, a few web development companies may befool clients with bogus promises (product, price, delivery etc). However, after certain point of time, nobody from that company will be available. In certain cases, product will not also be delivered. Finally clients will bear the brunt and incur huge loss.

So what all things should be noted while choosing a web development company? How to find a reliable web development company India which aligns with your company’s preferences and requirements? The points given below will help you to identify right web development partner.

1. Credibility

Ensure that web development company has solid experience or in a particular area which you are seeking. For instance, E-Commerce, Mobile application, SEO and Social Media Marketing. Cross check when company was established, key expertise, number of employees, number of clients and the portfolio.

2. Customer Support

Prefer a web development company which offers reliable, generous and cost effective support for long term relation. A lot of communication will happen during web development process and after site launch hence ensure how prompt the web development company is in communication and customer support.


Depending upon the standard of web development company, price may vary for each services. Always understand that low quoted products are short term and have limitations. So be aware of your exact requirement and choose the vendor accordingly.

4. Ink Contract  

It is better to sign an agreement with the vendor underlining project details, payment terms, timeline, ownership, compensation if not project is not delivered on time etc.

5. Content Updation

Be aware of the platform/technology used to develop the website. Also ensure that you have the full access to manage, operate and update website.

6. Hidden Charges

Inquire about hidden or additional charges involved during web development or after. For Example: hosting and annual maintenance cost. Take a note of additional development costs or future design costs to avoid confusion.

If you assign a small company, a freelancer, a friend or a relative to build the website in order to save the money, do remember that redoing website will cost more money. Website is a long term asset hence the work should be entrusted to qualified web development company.